Putting her acting career and life in New York on hold, Alexandrea Gale did what she had to, helping with her family’s bakery, Goode N’ Sweet. She even surprised herself, enjoying pitching in and giving the bakery a fresh new look with modern updates, bringing it into the 21st century. Now her skills have caught the eye of a local businesswoman and she’s hired Alex to help renovate the local movie theater, a job that is exhilarating to her but unfortunately both infuriating and a total waste of money to the proprietress’s grandson who would like to sell the old money pit.

Kellen Kilborn feels that selling the theater is the only way to do right by the grandmother who helped raise him. As the new head of the family real estate arm, he can’t take a risk on Alexandrea’s wild ideas-but he also can’t walk away from her warm heart and free spirit. As gut-wrenching choices threaten to rip them apart, can they find a way to turn both their visions into one sweet future?

*Same book, new look!*

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