When the rug is pulled out from her at a high-powered New York job and she’s blindsided by her longtime boyfriend, Oliva’s Gale is almost relieved to be called to help out at her family’s bakery in Sugar Lake, Georgia.
At Goode ‘N Sweet bakery, Olivia once again has a chance to satisfy her pie-making hobby while taking time to figure out the next steps to get her life back on track. And all would go to plan if she weren’t being distracted by the boy, now a full-grown man from her past next door who’s making it oh so hard to focus on the business at hand…

This time Clayton Morris wants to get it right. A single dad and firefighter, he’s trying hard to fix past mistakes. He thought for sure that letting Eva go when he did all those years ago was the right thing but, now seeing her again he’s not so sure. Though he knows he has nothing to offer compared to the life Olivia is used to, still, he can’t help but offer all he has and risk his fragile heart being crushed by her all too-capable hands.

*Same book, new look!*

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