Over The Rainbow

So tomorrow is my birthday and I know that once again I’ll wake up like I always do with a bunch of hopefulness seasoned with a hint of fear. Hopefulness because that’s how I wake each morning to face the day despite my constant jaded twin that whispered in my ear all throughout the night about fear and the uselessness of hope.

But depending on how you look at it (good or bad for me) I was way too affected by this movie as a child and live a life stuck in two worlds. One is in Kansas where it’s cold, harsh and in black and white and the other is the world of my imagination. The world of rainbows and color (and lollipop guilds) where my dreams just refuse to die.  Part of me hopes (or is it fears? ) that  I’ll wake up and that world of imagination will be gone along with the longing and the hope. I’ll be a grown up for real-real ya’ll.  But the other part, the truly hopeful part, hopes that I’ll wake up, open my eyes and be Somewhere Over the Rainbow.


Where will you wake up tomorrow, in Kansas or Over the Rainbow?




Thanks so much to my Knitsters for all the love yesterday, Knitting, food, cake and presents! I’m a lucky girl. (Ugh. Getting so past the point where I can say girl.)

And a big Happy Birthday to my friend Wendy! Wishes of a pot of gold for you this year!

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